Gen Con 2009 BattleTech event schedule

The following is a list of the BattleTech events that will be held at Gen Con Indy 2009. All events are held in the Indiana Convention Center.

Event #NameStartEndBuildingRoom
NMN0903587Battletech: BootcampAug 13th 10:00Aug 13th 11:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903615Battletech: The GrinderAug 13th 10:00Aug 13th 12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903630Battletech: Solaris Melee ChallengeAug 13th 10:00Aug 13th 12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903877Battletech: Canon Event 1Aug 13th 10:00Aug 13th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903588Battletech: BootcampAug 13th 11:00Aug 13th 12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903589Battletech: BootcampAug 13th 12:00Aug 13th 13:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903616Battletech: The GrinderAug 13th 12:00Aug 13th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903631Battletech: Solaris Melee ChallengeAug 13th 12:00Aug 13th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903590Battletech: BootcampAug 13th 13:00Aug 13th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903591Battletech: BootcampAug 13th 14:00Aug 13th 15:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903632Battletech: Solaris Melee ChallengeAug 13th 14:00Aug 13th 16:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903878Battletech: Canon Event 1Aug 13th 14:00Aug 13th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0905932Clan Grand MeleeAug 13th 14:00Aug 13th 22:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903592Battletech: BootcampAug 13th 15:00Aug 13th 16:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903593Battletech: BootcampAug 13th 16:00Aug 13th 17:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903617Battletech: The GrinderAug 13th 16:00Aug 13th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903633Battletech: Solaris Melee ChallengeAug 13th 16:00Aug 13th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903594Battletech: BootcampAug 13th 17:00Aug 13th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903618Battletech: The GrinderAug 13th 18:00Aug 13th 20:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903879Battletech: Canon Event 1Aug 13th 18:00Aug 13th 22:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903595Battletech: BootcampAug 14th 10:00Aug 14th 11:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903619Battletech: The GrinderAug 14th 10:00Aug 14th 12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903634Battletech: Solaris Melee ChallengeAug 14th 10:00Aug 14th 12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903880Battletech: Canon Event 2Aug 14th 10:00Aug 14th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903596Battletech: BootcampAug 14th 11:00Aug 14th 12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903597Battletech: BootcampAug 14th 12:00Aug 14th 13:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903620Battletech: The GrinderAug 14th 12:00Aug 14th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903635Battletech: Solaris Melee ChallengeAug 14th 12:00Aug 14th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903598Battletech: BootcampAug 14th 13:00Aug 14th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903599Battletech: BootcampAug 14th 14:00Aug 14th 15:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903636Battletech: Solaris Melee ChallengeAug 14th 14:00Aug 14th 16:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903881Battletech: Canon Event 2Aug 14th 14:00Aug 14th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN090588525th Anniverary Trial of BloodrightAug 14th 14:00Aug 14th 22:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903600Battletech: BootcampAug 14th 15:00Aug 14th 16:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903601Battletech: BootcampAug 14th 16:00Aug 14th 17:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903621Battletech: The GrinderAug 14th 16:00Aug 14th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903637Battletech: Solaris Melee ChallengeAug 14th 16:00Aug 14th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903602Battletech: BootcampAug 14th 17:00Aug 14th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903622Battletech: The GrinderAug 14th 18:00Aug 14th 20:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903882Battletech: Canon Event 2Aug 14th 18:00Aug 14th 22:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903603Battletech: BootcampAug 15th 10:00Aug 15th 11:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903623Battletech: The GrinderAug 15th 10:00Aug 15th 12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903638Battletech: Solaris Melee ChallengeAug 15th 10:00Aug 15th 12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903883Battletech: Canon Event 3Aug 15th 10:00Aug 15th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903604Battletech: BootcampAug 15th 11:00Aug 15th 12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903629Battletech: Open Tournament Round 1Aug 15th 11:00Aug 15th 17:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903605Battletech: BootcampAug 15th 12:00Aug 15th 13:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903624Battletech: The GrinderAug 15th 12:00Aug 15th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903639Battletech: Solaris Melee ChallengeAug 15th 12:00Aug 15th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903606Battletech: BootcampAug 15th 13:00Aug 15th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903607Battletech: BootcampAug 15th 14:00Aug 15th 15:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903884Battletech: Canon Event 3Aug 15th 14:00Aug 15th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903608Battletech: BootcampAug 15th 15:00Aug 15th 16:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903640Battletech: Solaris Melee Challenge Final RoundAug 15th 15:00Aug 15th 19:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903609Battletech: BootcampAug 15th 16:00Aug 15th 17:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903625Battletech: The GrinderAug 15th 16:00Aug 15th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903610Battletech: BootcampAug 15th 17:00Aug 15th 18:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903626Battletech: The GrinderAug 15th 18:00Aug 15th 20:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903885Battletech: Canon Event 3Aug 15th 18:00Aug 15th 22:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903611Battletech: BootcampAug 16th10:00Aug 16th11:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903627Battletech: The GrinderAug 16th10:00Aug 16th12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903612Battletech: BootcampAug 16th11:00Aug 16th12:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903613Battletech: BootcampAug 16th12:00Aug 16th 13:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903628Battletech: The GrinderAug 16th12:00Aug 16th 14:00ICCWabash 1
NMN0903614Battletech: BootcampAug 16th 13:00Aug 16th 14:00ICCWabash 1

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