Gen Con 2009 BattleTech RPG event schedule

The following is a list of the BattleTech RPG events that will be held at Gen Con Indy 2009. All events are held in the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Event #NameStartEndBuildingRoom
RPG0901543BattleTech RPGAug 13th 8:00Aug 13th 10:00HyattRegency E-F
RPG0901547BattleTech RPGAug 13th 12:00Aug 13th 14:00HyattRegency E-F
RPG0901549BattleTech RPGAug 14th 8:00Aug 14th 10:00HyattRegency E-F
RPG0901551BattleTech RPGAug 14th 12:00Aug 14th 14:00HyattRegency E-F
RPG0901667Get The GoodsAug 13th 10:00Aug 13th 14:00HyattRegency E-F
RPG0901669Get The GoodsAug 14th 10:00Aug 14th 14:00HyattRegency E-F
RPG0901671Trial by FireAug 14th 14:00Aug 13th 18:00HyattRegency E-F
RPG0901673Find the WayAug 15th 8:00Aug 15th 12:00HyattRegency E-F

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