Box Set Previews & Staff Bios

To start I’d like to say that we now know who we are, and you can too by checking out our staff bio pages. While not everyone who works hard to produce our great books is listed, this crew is the core. Look for more additions as we move forward!

On another topic, Randall N. Bills, Line Developer & Precentor Martial of BattleTech has updated his “BattleBlog” over at again. For the past two weeks he’s been expanding on the great offerings of the Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set. On the 18th he wrote about the contents, specifically how he designed them to work with new players. Here’s a short excerpt:

As I dug into the concept of the Box Set, what’s in there, what should be there and more importantly how it will connect with the entire line … there were several instances where I was pretty surprised when it dawned on me that X or Y or Z were never even remotely covered, when that X, Y or Z were important concepts to convey to a brand new player.” Randall writes, “It’s that type of thinking, however, that I believe created such a disconnect from all the Box Sets sold over the years and the relatively small percentage of people that moved beyond the Box Set to embrace the entire game and universe.”

Following from that logic, the focus on the Box Set was to increase the number of players that moved beyond the Box Set. If you’re interested, I encourage you to check his blog and see all the different things he included. There’s far too many to sum up here. However, I can show you several that play a key part in player conversion retailers may be interested in.

  • Updated Introduction [PDF] with an explanation of the next products to purchase: Like Total Warfare, the Introductory Rules included in the Box Set has several pages dedicated to showing the player all the richness of the universe and where one can go next when looking to buy that vital next book. (First page of the PDF is intentionally blank to allow for the viewing of reader’s spreads in Acrobat. This will give you a full feel for the book as it will look open.)
  • Tactics & Painting Guide [PDF]: This is a stand alone booklet in the Box Set that takes the player one step beyond just ‘here’s the rules’. The Tactics Guide explains common ways to use different units to their best ability.
  • Iron Wind Metal’s new Lance Packs [PDF]: These packs each include four of the ‘Mechs found in the Box Set in metal, a great way to introduce players into the world of high quality metal miniatures. The packaging is designed to tie directly into the Tactics and Painting Guide as well, so players who find their favorite design can pick up the atendant Lance Pack easily and begin working and playing with Metal miniatures.
  • 24 Plastic Miniatures [JPG]: These boardgame quality plastic miniatures are sure to please. They are fully playable out of the box, no cutting, gluing, or messing with sprues.

Check out Randall’s BattleBlog for the full details, and much much more. And also don’t forget to grab a copy of the Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set Sell Sheet available under the Retailer Info link above!