Sell Sheets! Get your red hot Sell Sheets!

That’s right folks, we’ve got the sell sheets for all hot products coming out this summer from Catalyst Game Labs! Right out of the gate we’ve got the following products:


  • Emergence – Shadowrun, Fourth Edition
  • Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrades – Classic BattleTech


  • Augmentation – Shadowrun, Fourth Edition
  • Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set – Classic BattleTech
  • Starterbook: Sword & Dragon – Classic BattleTech
  • TechManual – Classic BattleTech
  • Total Warfare (2nd corrected reprint) – Classic BattleTech

FALL 2007

  • Shadowrun, Fourth Edition (fifth printing) – Shadowrun, Fourth Edition
  • Jihad Hot Spots: 3072 – Classic BattleTech

Hop on over to the Retailer Info section of the site now to download the sheets and see what else we have to help retail enjoy success in selling Catalyst Game Lab products!

13 thoughts on “Sell Sheets! Get your red hot Sell Sheets!

  1. So, we have the info (for the most part) on Emergence & Augmentation. Any word on the other “in-developement” books, like Unwired, the Character Dossier, Arsenal, Corporate Enclaves & this ‘unnamed plot book’?

  2. It will be in late August; when all the books are in our warehouse, we’ll make the announcement.

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