Catalyst Street Dates for Shadowrun & Classic BattleTech

Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce a bevvy of street dates* for Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech!

Augmentation – (Street date: August 31st)
CAT 26002
MSRP $34.99
Catalyst Game Labs is proud to bring you the latest rules expansion for Shadowrun 4th Edition. Following on the heels of Street Magic (Product Code FPR26004 available through Studio 2 Publishing), Augmentation is useful to both Players and Game Master, as it is packed full with: 75 new pieces of gear, updated rules for all types of modifications (including cyberware, bioware, gene therapy), and rules for Cyberzombie and cutting-edge biodrones. Catalyst recognizes what has made Shadowrun a strong seller, and has continued that tradition with Augmentation, providing retailers a product that will appeal to all Shadowrun players.

Starterbook: Sword & Dragon – (Street date: August 31st)
CAT 35100
MSRP $19.99
The perfect companion volume to the new CBT Box Set (CAT 35000), Starterbook: Sword & Dragon eases new players into the intermediate rules for the game. Sword & Dragon focuses on two of the Iconic Units from the CBT Universe. Laid out in full color, each of the fully illustrated bios provides information on the individual personalities and their Battlemechs. You can follow their exploits with a very simple (yet robust) campaign system, and a series of scenarios provided in this book. The intermediate rules are explained as new weapons and technology advancements, and fully detailed to ease the novice player into a more advanced game. The book contains all the record sheets, rules, and materials to get even the most advanced player a reason to be excited.

Total Warfare – (Street date: August 31st)
CAT 35001
MSRP $39.99
The product of more than twenty years of gaming experience, this corrected second printing of Total Warfare presents the rules of the Classic BattleTech game system as never before. For the first time, all the rules for various units that have a direct impact on the deadly battlefields of the thirty-first century appear in a unified rules set. Interwoven and meticulously updated, Total Warfare provides the most detailed and comprehensive rules set published to date for BattleTech—the perfect companion for standard game play whether in a canon in-store event, at a major convention, or just for a argument-free evening of gaming fun.

*You’ll note that we didn’t call these release dates, so just what is a Street Date? The Street date is when every store that pre-orders a book can start to sell that book. Street dates ensure a level playing field for stores across the US, as well as help make sure that dedicated players and fans who take the time to pre-order with their local game store can know just when to expect the book. We don’t set the actual Street Date until the books are in the warehouse too, so when we say a street date, we mean a street date.

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10 thoughts on “Catalyst Street Dates for Shadowrun & Classic BattleTech

  1. Are these also the dates that any pre-orders of these books will be shipped form BattleCorps?

  2. YES! Having just picked up Emergence (thank you, Compleat Strategist!), I should be OK until Augmentation hits. {personal note; Thanks to all Fornits for my new job!) :D

  3. I figure, with the Street Date of August 31st, I’ll see the book in Compleat Strategist about 2-3 weeks after that.

  4. BookWyrm, a Street Date is the day it should be available in stores — it ships to distributors and then to stores before the street date.

  5. I picked up the Box Set at GenCon, and as a long time fan I have only one word to describe it…SUPERB!!!

  6. Looking for augmentation it is listed on amazon for a september 16th release is this the european release date? Come on catalyst you have some catching up to do.

  7. Catalyst is working on getting our products onto Amazon and other chain stores — however, Amazon often lists products that they don’t actually have access to yet. I’m not sure where they got the September 16th date. It’s possible that some of the Amazon branches have made a deal to buy the books from a third party and expect them to be available by then, but from what I know of Amazon’s operations, that would be surprising.

    Augmentation and the various Classic BattleTech titles have all shipped to our current distributors and are, in many cases, already available in stores, as per the August 31st street date.

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