Pre Gen-Con news and more August Street Dates!

Well, we’re back. And we’re off! Off to Gen Con Indy for the “Best Four Days in Gaming” — and it’s going to kick some serious butt, even though we’re already feeling like we’ve had ours kicked.

We leave in two hours for an overnight drive [and hopefully a nap] before handling meetings and setting up the booth tomorrow, but here’s some info on what’s going down at the convention:

* Shadowrun titles Emergence and Augmentation will be available.

* Classic BattleTech titles Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set, Starterbook: Sword and Dragon, Total Warfare second printing, TechManual, and Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade will be on sale!

* Free Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules will be available — 24 full-color pages with rules, characters, and a short adventure to kick-start your game!

* Free Degenesis Quick-Start Rules too! Sixteen pages with rules, characters, and an introductory adventure.

* We’re running hundreds of games.
Here are the street dates for upcoming products, for those who won’t be making it to Gen Con Indy:

Emergence and Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade: In stores now!

Augmentation, Starterbook: Sword & Dragon, Total Warfare second printing, and TechManual: Street Date of August 31st for all.

The Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules and Degenesis Quick-Start Rules will also be available through your local stores, street date to be announced.

Okay, that’s a wrap — for those of you who will be at Gen Con, we’ll see you there, and we’ll be back next week with more updates, news from the convention, and more!

8 thoughts on “Pre Gen-Con news and more August Street Dates!

  1. OK, so my question is, how much will SR4-QSR be (for those of us unable to make it to GenCon)?

  2. That’s nice. But when will it be available for download? Same goes for the August missions adventure.

  3. Frank: A Very Bad Day is available for download now, as are the Degenesis Quick-Start Rules.

    KCKtisune: Rules for alternate races and that sort of thing are most likely to appear in a book called Runner’s Companion, sometime in 2008.

    The Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules will be available in PDF in early September; optimizing them for the web is taking a bit longer than expected, between all the other post-Gen Con work!

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