Wired’s GeekDad covers Classic BattleTech

A few months after taking on Shadowrun’s Sixth World, Wired’s GeekDad blog has returned to Catalyst Game Labs’ publications with the first of a two part series on Classic BattleTech: Empires Crumble, But Giant Robots Are Forever. The second part of the series is now available and has an interview with our Classic BattleTech line developer Herb Beas.

2 thoughts on “Wired’s GeekDad covers Classic BattleTech

  1. after seeing the hammerhands battlemech for the soon to be released tech readout i was
    over the moon, what i would like to know is when is the release date for it and will there be
    anymore sneak previews of the battlemechs i dearly wish to know and so will a lot of other
    battletech fans.

  2. We don’t have a street date for Technical Readout: 3075 yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll post it here. We don’t announce our street dates until the books are well into the printing/shipping process.

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