Classic BattleTech: Strategic Operations

Catalyst Game Labs Announces Classic
BattleTech: Strategic Operations 

Lake Stevens, Washington (May 23, 2008) – Catalyst Game Labs (An InMediaRes Productions, LLC company) is pleased to announce the latest title in the Core Rule book series for Classic BattleTech: Strategic Operations. 

Randall Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Games Labs said, "This newest title will bring a level of detail and depth of play the fan base has been demanding for ages. In fact, when we originally scheduled Classic BattleTech Tactical Operations, we had envisioned it being a single book. As we began to compile the information and rules, we quickly realized that we had written enough for two volumes! With Strategic Operations, players will now have the ability to create on-going campaigns using the rules for combat across an entire solar system, link-scenarios and repair, maintenance, salvage, and customization of individual ’Mechs and other units. Heck, that barely just scratches the surface of everything that is in this beefy new rules book! For even more added value, we’ve included a series of rules that will allow you to use the miniatures you already have to represent large-scale actions such as planetary invasions, in the same amount of time as you would play a regular game! We’ve really pulled out all the stops on this one."

David Stansel-Garner, Operations Manager for Catalyst Games Labs said, "Veteran and new players alike will love these companion volumes we are adding to our Core Rules line-up. Fans have already enjoyed Classic BattleTech Total Warfare (our main rules book) and Classic BattleTech TechManual (our "gear" book). With Classic BattleTech Tactical Operations releasing this summer, and the announcement of Classic BattleTech Strategic Operations, I am really excited about how well rounded the game will be. The newest books are going to be incredibly well received amongst the ever-growing Classic BattleTech player community.”

Classic BattleTech Strategic Operations will be released in Q4 of 2008, with a MSRP of $49.99. You will be able to find it at your favorite Game Store, or through 

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6 thoughts on “Classic BattleTech: Strategic Operations

  1. When is Strategic op’s set to release? I’ve bought Several Tac Op copies as christmas/ bday and general update gifts, and I personaly Freakin Loved Every Drop of ink cover to cover! So Please Let me know! I need more intel, especialy on “how many people support one vehicle, or how many (medics,surgons, general sponge bather etc.) does a regiment need in its mash units when in peace/wartime?” (Quoted by Quater master Biggs)

    So hit up ur nearist HPG station and call a BrothER already.

    Rifleman . . .Out!

    (BTW) excuse poor gramer/slang/syntax etc. Battle tech as a whole and it affiliates leave me mentaly. . . well Mental and neurotic questions responces and comments are few of its by products; to include spastic cheers and flailing shouts, elated stupor, and my favorite the stupid grin just before a kill.

    Thank you again

    Crazed Rifleman . . .Out!

  2. Strategic Operations is still in production — we haven’t announced a Street Date yet. When we do, it will be announced on this site!

  3. Has it been released yet? Alliance still shows that it isn’t yet available. Which is frustraighting as I believe it is out.

    I have the PDF and it’s awesome but really looking forward to the hard copy.

  4. No, unfortunately Strategic Operations is still not available in print. When we have a street date for it, we’ll be posting it here.

  5. the last estimate for a release date was first quarter of 2009 well we are nearly starting the third quarter of 2009. Did catalyst labs give a deadline for the printers when you guys contracted out this job ?

  6. Unfortunately the closure of WizKids affected the production of books more than we’d hoped it would. However, Strategic Operations now has a set Street Date of August 11th, 2009.

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