Catalyst Game Labs bring Classic BattleTech, Shadowrun, and MechWarrior novels back to bookstores

Lake Stevens, Washington (June 24, 2008) – Catalyst Game Labs (An InMediaRes Productions, LLC company) announces the return of novels for Classic BattleTech, MechWarrior, and Shadowrun. The re-launch of these perennial lines will include an amazing selection of authors—including New York Times’ Bestselling Author Michael A. Stackpole.

"The triumphant return of three of the most seminal adventure gaming book lines heralds a great next step for all the brands," David M. Stansel-Garner, Operations Manager for Catalyst Game Labs said. "We're really excited to bring these novels back to thousands of eager fans who have been waiting patiently for their return."

"An estimated 25 million people having played a game or read a novel set in the BattleTech Universe since its inception almost 25 years ago," Stansel-Garner continued. "Throughout that time BattleTech alone has inspired over a dozen video games, a cartoon, a collectible card game, a collectible miniatures game and several toy lines. Additionally, it has amassed one of the largest fictional universes in the sci-fi genre, with over 170 gaming products and almost 100 full-length novels (with much of that translated into over a dozen languages world-wide). Tie that together with the hundreds of thousands of copies of Shadowrun's 120 game sourcebooks, video games, and 50 novels (also translated into numerous foreign markets)… we have a lot of eager fans chomping at the bit for these new books."

Bestselling author and owner of InMediaRes Loren Coleman will return to pen more novels in the Classic BattleTech line. "In 1994 I read through the Warrior trilogy in a single weekend. I've been a devoted fan ever since. I expect to feel much the same way as I pick up the new storyline installments. Working with top writers on a compelling storyline is one of my greatest joys as a writer. Coming back to it now—and with Mike back on board as well—it's like our favorite park has just been reopened. I'll bring the green army men. He'll supply the fireworks."

Look for the first MechWarrior novel, A Bonfire of Worlds by Steven Mohan, Jr. in November 2008, followed by the first Classic BattleTech novel, Shadows of Faith by Loren L. Coleman in December. The first of the all-new Shadowrun novels will appear in January, 2009.

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36 thoughts on “Catalyst Game Labs bring Classic BattleTech, Shadowrun, and MechWarrior novels back to bookstores

  1. Are the new MechWarrior book mentioned in this article part of the “Dark Age” series?
    Is the switch in publishers due to the Topps buyout of WizKids?

  2. Hi Spencer,

    We will be publishing MechWarrior books that are in the Dark Age/Age of Destruction timeline, yes.

    This switch in publishers has nothing to do with Topps. ROC and WizKids did not renew their novel publishing agreement, and we absolutely wanted to do it!

  3. Will the new stories continue to follow the same basic story line of “Fortress Republic” and keep the same characters? I was happy to locate this web site to find out the news regarding new release dates. I confess that I am completely hooked on these novels and I am looking forward to reading more of this well made sci-fi universe. Can I get on a mailing list or will this web site provide updated information?

    Thanks for any information you can share.

    Dennis McNulty

  4. It is great that Catalyst Game Labs are taking over the Mechwarrior and Battletech novel’s future. I have been reading and loving the novels since the beginning and now really look forward to the stories to come. Thank you for picking up the flag and leading this universe forward the way it deserves to be.

  5. Glad to see the series, esp the Dark Age novels, continue. I was rather disgruntled that they were starting to progress through the series, then all the sudden, nothing on radar. Thank you Catalyst, and I’m buying every book (from both MW and BT) that comes out!

  6. Dennis,

    Sorry for the late reply to this, but your comment arrived right during the pre-Gen Con frenzy. Randall Bills has the following answer for your question:

    Yes. Just as most MechWarrior Dark Age novels built upon previous storylines and characters, the MechWarrior Dark Age novels published by Catalyst Game Labs will follow suit, further developing the stories and characters of this setting. We’ll keep updates with release dates and information concerning the novels as it becomes available.

  7. Its good to see that the classic line is coming back.. i have them including ideal war which i thought was the worst one lol…

  8. Can you share any information regarding other authors for the new Dark Age novels? Will Michale Stackpole or Blaine Lee Pardoe be approached to contribute new stories in the future?

    Dennis McNulty

  9. yes its great to hear that MW and the original BT storyline will be continued. I’ve been a fan since ’94 and have every single canon novel. Was really worried when nothing came out after To Ride a Chimera

  10. Adam,
    Is there a firm release date for Catalyst Labs first new Battletech novel ” A Bonfire of Worlds ” ? I am watching all of the retailers but none of them offer a solid lead. I am off on vacation soon and nothing would be better for a little reading on the beach.

  11. with regards to reading the latest technical which i found absouluteley brilliant,i wish to
    know if there will be a release date the next tech readout called the experimentals,i have
    been looking up brent evans website and found there is nothing at the moment.can you tell
    us when will we be see the first pictures of the experimental battlemechs in the not too
    near future

  12. Can you tell me when this month the new novel “A Bonfire of Worlds” will be released? I have checked with Borders Books and and cannot find out any information.


    Dennis McNulty

  13. Bonfire of Worlds won’t be launching in November like we initially planned; the novel lines will be launching in early 2009, instead. We needed some more time to make sure we would be properly positioned by the major chains.

  14. I am so glad to hear that the Classic Battletech line of books will be relaunched. With the switch to Dark Age, I got away from the book series, and will definately be going back for the Classics! I always enjoyed the books and would buy them the day they came out! Thank you very much for picking them up!!!

  15. will this help in the 80 year time line between end game and ghost war? I been a fan since 1994 and love the seris of clasic battletech

  16. I was just able to pre-order “A Bondfire of Worlds” through Borders Boorks on line store.

  17. I am estatic to hear of the return of the Classic Battletech line. When Dark Age came out I stopped buying due to the steer away from mech and mechwarriors to just ordinary adventure stories with little tech involved. One thing I would LOVE to see is more stories about Solaris. The old Jim Long(and his various pseuodnyms) books were amoung my favorites! Any news on new games? I’ve been dying for a Mechwarrior 5!!!! Can’t wait to start snatching the classic books up!

  18. Just found this press release after finding out that there were no more BTech Novels (To Ride a Chimera) during my ordering :(

    I’ve been hooked on the BTech Universe since my Army times (i had 12h train travel to and 16h travel from) and got ALL novels since those times long past, it would be a shame to stop now…

    Personally i prefer the Classic eras (specialy the LosTech times) but i won’t mind at all Dark Age novels… sooooo keep the BTech stuff moving ;)

    PS: Reading (and re-reading) these novels had a huge impact in my English learning (since they were not published in my native language, Portuguese)

  19. We’ve been getting comments and emails lately about the release date of the novels: we’re hard at work on the novel line, but the logistics of selling novels are different from selling gaming books, so we’re putting in extra effort to make sure we do them the right way, which is why they aren’t out yet. When we have new street dates for the books, we’ll be announcing them.

  20. have these books even been written?
    are more books being actively written now or is there a wait and see attitude?

  21. The novels — and other fiction, like the Shadowrun anthology we’ll be publishing — are in various stages of progress, Andrew. Several are in the writing stages, some are beyond that.

  22. Just stumbled upon this as I was perusing the web to see if there was any news on what happened to the BT universe. I’ve been a long time reader and my sadness about the lack of new books was growing with each passing month. Stumbled across this article through a desperate google search. I see that it’s February, and I can’t wait for the series to continue.

  23. Looking forward to seeing the Mechwarrior novels.

    Loved reading The Corps – BattleCorps Anthology Vol 1. Are there plans for doing a Mechwarrior: Dark Age anthology? There is a lot of talent out there – in the BattleTech/Mechwarrior universe. Would be nice to tap it, and get it into print.

  24. Wait you’re keeping the the MW:DA storyline garbage? Go back to the end of the FedCom civil war and start over. At least there won’t be any more of those figures produced. I cant believe I wasted money on 2 of the MW:DA novels.(Ended up burning them so they wouldn’t poison anyone else to thinking that was Battletech.)

  25. I have played “classic” BT since it was battledroids in ’84 ish. PLEASE dont let it die the sad death of short attention span children …

  26. sorry Steve but I don’t think the writers would toss away their hard work just cause you don’t agree w/ the MW:DA storyline. Besides, Catalyst is headed that way since the latest TROs sort of set them in stone.

    we need those books! battlecorps rocks!


    perhaps when the economy bounces back, our games will too :-)

  27. Can you give us any kind of update as to a possible release date for the first book?

  28. Dennis, when we have street dates for the novels, we’ll be announcing them. We won’t engage in any speculation about when they “might” be released.

  29. Come on Adam, throw us a bone here, it’s the middle of June, I have whiled away the past few years immersed in every novel created for this universe. But now I have read them all (some several times), every story that I had been hiding for a rainy day, done, there are no more left. I am now reading medieval murder mysteries. There isn’t a Mech, not a PPC, no space travel and not a clan member hatched from a steel cocoon in any direction. When will we have a story containing a 60 foot tall, composite armoured, fusion powered, Mech that will carry a story, dip us in intrigue and eject us on our command couches into a new novel , When ?

  30. George, the answer doesn’t change: when we have street dates, we’ll announce them. We won’t further speculate about them.

  31. according to Amazon Books, both “Shadows of Faith” and “A Bondfire of Worlds” will be released for sale on 12-31-09. CAN YOU PEOPLE ANNOUNCE A STREET DATE NOW???

  32. Hello Again Adam,
    It has been over three months since we last chatted, is there any hard information on the release date of “A bonfire of worlds” as of yet ? I am concerned that you may have forgotten us.

  33. Adam, now it is just days before Christmas and as of yet it looks like there won’t be the first new Mechwarrior novel from Catalyst under my tree, nor under anyone else’s for that matter. Adam you do realise that we are all visiting this site and asking these questions because we are Battletech/Mechwarrior supporters. Please consider treating us more like family and give us a call, a little info, a tid bit to give us hope that we arent just being jirked around. I am getting to the point as I am sure that many other followers will that we will just stop looking for this novel. If you don’t know the answer than just ask someone who does, please.

  34. George — of course we know that you are big supporters of the BattleTech franchise, and we’d love to have released new novels for BattleTech [and Shadowrun, too!] this year. But, we haven’t, and until we have a solid release date for them, time spent promoting titles needs to be spent promoting titles that are actually available: we did release a whole bunch of other BattleTech books this year, including the 25 Years of Art and Fiction oversized hardcover! (And, of course, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Shadowrun and the brand new RPG Eclipse Phase … we’ve been busy this year!)

    As soon as we have street dates for the novels, they’ll be posted, and previews made available. But we’re not going to engage in a game of “They’ll be available in January .. no, wait, February, sorry.. oops, March! March is it!” — that’s a waste of everyone’s time and energy. The next time we mention a date for the novels, there will be no need to get your hopes up: it will be correct. :-)

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