CAT23000 – CthulhuTech & CAT23001 – Vade Mecum Street Dates

CthulhuTech, and its core companion Vade Mecum, will be available for a October 14th Street date.

CthulhuTech, the innovative storytelling game is back in print under the Catalyst Brand with an exciting new partnership between Catalyst Game Labs and WildFire LLC. This venture brings the high quality production values of Catalyst Game Labs with the amazing setting and game play of WildFire LLC.

Excitement is high for these titles! With the extensive cross marketing among our consumer & fan websites ( &, and our Demo Team members excited to start running in-store events, we expect demand to be high for this fully supported line. Look for the next product, CAT23200 Dark Passions, in early 09!

Title: CthulhuTech
SKU: CAT23000
Price: $49.99
Format: 288 page hardcover full color

Title: Vade Mecum
SKU: CAT23001
Price: $39.99
Format: 160 page hardcover full color
Streets: October 14th 2008

3 thoughts on “CAT23000 – CthulhuTech & CAT23001 – Vade Mecum Street Dates

  1. I got these items in stock at the FLGS where I work and they are great. I haven’t delved into the mechanics yet but the setting material is terrific. I love the almost-hidden tidbit of one of the organization heads being a Freemason from Bavaria. Great stuff!

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