Catalyst Game Labs Announces New Assistant Line Developers

Over the last two years Catalyst Game Labs has successfully re-invigorated the seminal BattleTech and Shadowrun game lines, with a host of new product releases, including eagerly awaited core rule expansions and the publication of the Origins’ Award winning Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set. This dedication will only continue as Catalyst heads into 2009, the 25th and 20th anniversaries of BattleTech and Shadowrun, respectively.

As Catalyst Game Labs begins to expand its catalog with the launches of several new properties in 2009 (including the Eclipse Phase RPG, casual games like Paparazzi! and High School Drama and more), it is well aware of the need to maintain a strong release schedule of quality books for its core lines. “Stepping up from the BattleTech Line Developer position to Managing Line Developer last year was the first step in allowing Catalyst to begin expanding,” says Randall Bills. “However, the size and scope of the BattleTech and Shadowrun game lines means that something more is needed beyond the line developer and their excellent stable of freelance writers. A dedicated assistant line developer ensures we can continue an aggressive publishing schedule of quality rulebooks, sourcebooks and so on, while we expand into other areas (other games, novel publishing, and so on).”

Jennifer Harding has accepted the post of Shadowrun Assistant Line Developer, while Ben Rome has accepted the post of BattleTech Assistant Line Developer.

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