LAKE STEVENS, Wash., Thursday, April 2 –

Catalyst Game Labs, LLC, and Pinata Games, Inc., have resumed a strategic alliance, previously announced last December.  While the former partnership was based on a bid for the WizKids portfolio of properties, the current alliance focuses on the release of new games.

Catalyst, the master license holder of the Shadowrun and BattleTech properties, will develop and distribute a series of new games with Pinata managing the production and vendor relations for those new releases.

“The same synergies that existed between our two companies are still relevant today,” said David Stansel-Garner, Catalyst Operations Manager.  “While we didn’t have a chance to collaborate on the WizKids’ properties, we are excited to develop our new game titles with Pinata’s support.”

Properties developed under this collaboration will launch as Catalyst Game Lab products and will be available through Catalyst’s distribution channels.

“Catalyst has a talent for producing high-quality RPGs and published content,” said Jake Theis, CSO of Pinata Games.  “With Pinata providing production, licensing, and vendor management assistance, we hope to expand Catalyst’s portfolio of products into board games, fixed deck card games, and potentially, collectible games.  Several months ago, we were excited about Catalyst’s future, and the same holds true now.”

Catalyst plans to announce their new game properties shortly, and will have several new products in stores later this year.


  1. I would settle for a Mechwarrior AoD with a different name. It’s a shame that game and a few others just needed to do a few things different and I would have thought they were perfect. Good luck though in whatever you guys come up with.

  2. Personally, I hope they will be able to do something that successfully mixes collectible and non-collectible aspects. As long as it is not styrene cards, though, I will probably buy some just to see what it is, since, well, I kind of collect game systems.

  3. I would like to see Mechwarrior revised through the Quick Strike rules in a semi-collectable format similar to D&D. even cooler would be to set it in the Age of War to take advantage of TRO 3075 and TRO 3039

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