Lake Stevens WA – Catalyst Game Labs is offering retailers the ability to sell PDF and other downloads to their customers beginning this summer. Retailers will be able to register with the Catalyst Game Labs Retail Support website, giving them access to electronic sales, listing in the upcoming retailer locator, and other special services.

“The technology exists to offer this service to retailers,” says David Stansel-Garner, Operations Manager for Catalyst Game Labs, “and Catalyst Game Labs feels that the investment in technology to implement this new system is an investment well made.”

Retailers will be able to offer PDFs to their customers using nothing more than a standard internet connection. In addition, retailers can choose to participate in the pre-order “Print + PDF bundles” — getting access to sell electronic files at the exact same time Catalyst puts them on sale.


  1. Awesome news. Once I’m done dealing with family issues and I can get back to regular biz, I would love to interview you guys about this for The Digital Front Podcast.

  2. Figuring out a way for the LGS to adapt to the changing tech and demand for .pdf sales was a sincere challenge. Seeing a company like Catalyst lead the charge to help that transition is encouraging and is definitely applauded over here at our store. Looking forward to being a part of it.

  3. So, how exactly will that work? They pay at the game store counter but can download the pdf from their own connection, the store burns it to disc, or the store prints it out?

  4. Nice to see you guys do not believe that “every PDF purchased legitimately yields 10 pirated copies” like a certain OTHER company does. I hope the set up for this will be easy, so I can talk to my FLGS and explain how it can make them money!

    Now, just need for CGL to make nice little readers in glasses that can pick up the books from the FLGS wirelessly, as well as tell us how many bullets remain in our clips ;)

  5. I was just curious if you’re going to discount the pdfs any? My biggest gripe with WOTC was that the pdfs are as expensive as the printed books.

    I have a group getting back into Battletech and I plan to buy many more of your gamebooks/pdfs.


  6. Hey James,

    Our PDFs already are priced lower than the printed books. We have no plans to further lower those prices. You can save the most by getting the Pre-Order + PDF combos … and we’ll soon be offering those through participating retailers, too.

  7. At GTS, Three Sages Games spoke with Dave about this new opportunity and we are very excited about Catalyst new PDF delivery system. So much so we have all ready allocated resources toward developing a new line specifically for their system.

  8. Eagerly waiting to hear news about this new delivery system. I want to support my FLGS as much as possible.

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