Catalyst Game Labs Publishing “Balance of Power”

Catalyst Game Labs will enter the board game market this summer with Balance of Power. Originally pitched to Catalyst Game Labs at the New York Toy Fair by Brent and Brian Knudson (the game and graphic designers for the project), come to find out they’re both local to Catalyst in the Seattle, WA area. Catalyst immediately fell in love with the game and moved to fully develop it and get it into the hands of players.

It is 1815 and the world has been turned upside down. Napoleon Bonaparte has finally been defeated after nearly conquering all of Europe through years of devastating warfare. Now the Great Powers must deal with the chaos left behind. As each nation eagerly tries to grow, a careful balance of governmental, military and economic interests must be maintained.

In BALANCE OF POWER players carefully create and move Kings, Generals and Bankers as they capture territories and expand their empires. A player’s kill and strategy are all that stand between him and ultimate victory!


Balance of Power brings all the best of the German boardgame-style rules: simple, quick and easy to learn and remember. And like those same award winning games, the depth of strategy and game play is immense.

Balance of Power will include a rules booklet (translated into three additional languages), 6 reference cards, a scoring track and empire tokens, 270 colored wooden playing pieces, as well as a gorgeous, high quality gameboard.

9 thoughts on “Catalyst Game Labs Publishing “Balance of Power”

  1. Wooden pieces even? Wow…that is so gloriously oldschool. Immediately I am taken back to childhood days of Monopoly, Sorry, and many others with the true feel of wooden pawns, houses, etc.. Thank you, Catalyst.

  2. Unlike Risk, there’s no elements of randomness in Balance of Power. The game is played entirely without dice, and feels much more akin to chess’ strategy. Without luck, it’s down to you and your opponent matching wits to win the game (wether you play standard, or with any of the optional rules like “Total Domination” or “Tougher Neutral Powers”).

  3. A snarky comment completely devoid of any useful content or constructive thought on the internet. Very original.

    I’m not a huge Risk player…or a huge Chess player, unfortunately, so I doubt this game will be my cup of tea. The board looks nice, though, and wood components are made of win.

  4. Well the world a well beyond only containing RISK and Monopoly. This looks very interesting. Is there any rules to read or any other news about it?

  5. When does this game come out? I’m ready to buy. Will it be available online? I can see this taking off really well. One-Eyed Jack is a tool.

  6. Got to play this at GenCon and was impressed. It does not feel like Risk or Chess but more like a simple Euro area control like a global Web of Power. It is clean, simple, and looks great. One of those simple systems that make one wonder why we haven’t seen it before now.

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