Catalyst Game Labs Publishing “High School Drama”

The cliques. The drama. The social disparity. Who doesn’t want to relive High School? Or at least to play a game that mocks the experience with relish?

Designed by Boyan Radakovich and originally published by Shifting Skies Games, Catalyst Game Labs acquired the rights to this fun and energetic game last year and will be publishing the Varsity Edition this summer.

Players take on the roll of classic student archtypes—emotional vortex to man candy, preppy to 1337 haXx0r—trying to hookup with other students and clubs, while making sure to breakup your rivals. At the end of four school years (because High School is like totally so superficial ya know) players burn off all their bonds they’ve created, turning them into signatures in their yearbook. The player with the most signatures at the end of game is the winner!

The Varsity Edition of High School Drama enhances and streamlines game play, while clarifying various rules based on player feedback from the original edition of the game.

High School Drama, along with Merchants and Paparazzi!, will publish in Catalyst new distinctive packaging. The exterior of the box opens like a book, so anyone can look at more information and art surrounding the game than any back-of-a-box can manage. The smaller, sealed interior box contains all of the components of play; as it’s self-contained it acts as a miniature carrying case when space is at a premium.


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