Shadowrun, BattleTech, CthulhuTech Street Dates

The following books are streeting August 11th — that’s the day that game stores can have them on the shelves if they pre-order copies!

Shadowrun, Fourth Edition – 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook
Price: $44.99
Format: 376 page full color Hardcover -w- Silk Bookmark

Dusk: Dawn of the Artifacts
SKU: CAT26400
Price: $14.99
Format: 56 page B/W Softcover

Strategic Operations
SKU: CAT35004
Price: $49.99
Format: 424 page full color Hardcover

Jihad Hot Spots: 3076
SKU: CAT35305
Price: $24.99
Format: 136 page B/W Softcover

CthulhuTech: Damnation View
SKU: CAT23300
Price: $39.99
Format: 144 page full color Hardcover

Be sure to pre-order from your local game shop!