Catalyst Game Labs Gen Con 2009 schedule

Gen Con Indy 2009 is coming soon and Catalyst Game Labs have planned a large number of gaming events for attendees to participate in.

We have posted a schedule of events for the following games:

In addition Catalyst will be hosting several information sessions and seminars during the event. All of these will be held at the Marriott Hotel adjacent to the Indiana Convention Center.

Event # Name Start End Building Room
SEM0905888 Classic Battletech Seminar Aug 14th 12:00 Aug 14th 14:00 Marriott Ind. Bllrm B
SEM0903641 What’s up with Catalyst Game Labs? Aug 15th 12:00 Aug 15th 13:00 Marriott Ind. Bllrm B
SEM0906073 Eclipse Phase Seminar Aug 15th 12:00 Aug 15th 13:00 Marriott Ind. Bllrm E
SEM0905889 Shadowrun Seminar Aug 15th 13:00 Aug 15th 14:00 Marriott Ind. Bllrm E
SEM0905890 Cthulutech Seminar Aug 15th 14:00 Aug 15th 15:00 Marriott Ind. Bllrm F

3 thoughts on “Catalyst Game Labs Gen Con 2009 schedule

  1. OK, so I see you say it is the Marriott right next to the convention center…
    can you be more specific with the name and address of that Marriott? (I work at a
    Courtyard by Marriott, and so, I made my hotel reservation at the Marriott that looked
    closest to the convention center…I want to see if I had ended up making my reservation
    inadvertently at the best Marriott!)

  2. I would like to schedule a meeting with someone from Catalyst games. Anytime during the four days would be great! Huge fan of Shadowrun!

  3. StCptMara: 350 West Maryland Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225 USA

    Shea: Are you trying to do a media interview for a podcast or something, or do you just want to chit-chat? If it’s the latter, we’ll be at the booth throughout the show, and at the panels linked in this post. If you want to do a media interview, sock me an email to listing who you want to talk to, and I’ll get you in touch with them to schedule a time.

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