Two New Catalyst Game Labs Casual Games…Just In Time For The Holidays

Catalyst Game Labs is starting to roll out its new casual game line. Unlike the intense, large-scale games of BattleTech, Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase or CthulhuTech, Catalyst casual games are easy to learn, easy to play games with lots of great re-playability.

The first two in the line-up are Poo: The Card Game and Ergo.

Ergo taps into the philosophy geek in all of us, with players attempting to prove their existence while disproving the other player’s existence through classic philosophical rules of logic. Minutes to learn the rules, yet mastery only comes to the smartest players. Ergo comes with 55 cards and a fold-out rules sheet in a beautiful metal tin.

Poo: The Card Game taps into the little kid in all of us…and the jokes that just write themselves. Also minutes to learn the rules, the game is a fast-and-furious ball of laughter, great for larger parties as the game can take up to 8 people flinging poo at one another. Poo: The Card Game includes 110 cards and a fold-out rules sheet.

Both games are perfect stocking stuffers, regardless of what type of gamer you’re trying to please. Ergo will retail for $14.99 while Poo: The Card Game will retail for $12.99. Both will be available November/December timeframe…just in time for the holidays!

Keep watching for when we announce their street date and online availability. Not to mention future casual game releases, such as the next products coming down the pipeline: Merchants and High School Drama.

3 thoughts on “Two New Catalyst Game Labs Casual Games…Just In Time For The Holidays

  1. I played both Poo and Ergo at GenCon and LOVED both of them. I cannot wait for them to be available so that I can pick them up for myself and a variety of friends for Christmas. Please hurry, the wait is killing me!

  2. Poo is roaring fun for any age. It’s been out just one day and I’ve called and asked for more copies to be put on hold for me. I can’t wait to say, “I gave all my friends Poo for Christmas.”

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