Catalyst Game Labs Hires Office Manager

As Catalyst Game Labs continues to expand its game lines, the need for superb internal organization grows as well. To help ensure our organization matches the breadth of our ambitions, Catalyst has hired Jennifer Harding as Office Manager.

Jennifer has over a decade of experience in office management and bookkeeping, working for both small independent publishers and fortune 500 companies. In addition to her administrative skills, she’s an avid Shadowrun fan (with a weekly game), Shadowrun author, and overall geek.

“We’re very excited by this development,” said Dave Stansel-Garner, Operations Manager. “We’re stewards of two of the most beloved adventure game properties in Shadowrun and BattleTech. Meanwhile we’re aggressively launching new lines, including CthulhuTech and Eclipse Phase, our casual games (Poo and Ergo have already released, with others on the way) and of course the much anticipated Leviathans. Jennifer’s already proven invaluable in making sure that internal communications is flowing smoothly.”

2 thoughts on “Catalyst Game Labs Hires Office Manager

  1. Well, clearly Catalyst promotes from within!
    Congratulations, Ms. Harding! And just think, not too
    long ago, you were the Asst. Developer for Shadowrun!
    (I really, really hope you get to keep working on SR, as well!)

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