Next Shadowrun Street Date: Vice on February 23rd

The criminal underworld of the Sixth World has never been exposed like this. Vice talks criminal operations worldwide, from small fry to international syndicates. Vice is a 192-page softcover for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. And it comes to gaming stores on the street date of Tuesday, February 23rd! Give your local store a call this week or next and let them know that you want a copy, and they should be able to have it for you that date or later that week. Overseas customers, as usual, will need to give it another week or two to get across the pond! Take a look at the first two Vice preview: the Table of Contents and the first few pages of the International Syndicates chapter in one preview, and part of the Yakuza section in another!


Illegal is a strong word. It means you’re doing something that the government doesn’t want you to do. You’d never do anything like that, right? Or would you? It might be that some laws are… misguided. It’s civil disobedience and a moral imperative to oppose those laws. Gandhi taught us that. My friends and I—we’re here to help you make these difficult moral choices. We’ll even provide you with a support network, if someone objects to your strong moral compass. And, hey, if everything works out, maybe all of us might come out ahead. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.