Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Limited Edition

It has been a long road, but the Limited Edition version of Shadowrun’s 20th Anniversary core book is currently being shipped across the ocean, and the sample copies have arrived in our Seattle office. We’ve been mum about the exact features of this title, but now it’s time to show it off:

A black, leather bound hardcover with silver imprinting, each book is numbered for the limited printing. The LE comes with a full-color heavyweight slipcase, two bookmarks and an 11”x34” double-sided poster of the Seattle skyline—one side blue, the other red.

We will be posting a street date in the next few weeks, when the books arrive in our warehouse and we can finalize that date.

If you have already pre-ordered this book: sit tight, and we will ship it to you from our Seattle location as soon as possible.

If you want to buy this book at your local game store, please give them a call and let them know you want a copy. The stock number is CAT2600LE and you can give them the following sell sheet (or a link to it): SR4A Limited Edition