Ergo Accepted For Mensa Mind Games Competition

Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce the mind-teaser game Ergo has been accepted into this years’ Mensa Mind Games Competition.

In Ergo, players are assigned a variable (A, B, C or D) at the start of a game. During each round, players attempt to collectively build a Proof that proves their existence, while disproving the existence of any other player. Each turn a player will draw two cards and play two cards, even if a player can’t play to the Proof and must discard. When a Proof is stopped, provided there is no paradox, the number of cards in the Proof equals the number of points awarded to each proven player. All cards are then shuffled again and a new round begins. The first player to 50 points wins!

For those that have not yet checked out this great game, feel free to download a free PDF of the entire rules sheet. (For those that have downloaded the rules before, we’ve uploaded a slightly revised PDF that incorporates all known errata.)

Prove you exist by playing Ergo!