Catalyst Game Labs and Lone Wolf Development are pleased to announce that they have entered into a new, long-term license for the Shadowrun intellectual property. Lone Wolf will shortly begin development of a Shadowrun data package for its award-winning character management software, Hero Lab. The new data package will initially cover the core Shadowrun Fourth Edition game system, and will later be expanded with content from Shadowrun’s many great supplements.

“We’ve been working with Lone Wolf to make this happen for a long time,” states Randall Bills, Managing Developer of Catalyst Game Labs. “Once we finalized the details, Topps approved the license quickly, signifying their appreciation of the importance of digital tools in further developing the Shadowrun line. Lone Wolf Development has a history of bringing innovative technology to the gaming industry, and we look forward to diving into this great new opportunity for Shadowrun alongside them.”

Released in 2006, the ENnie award-winning Hero Lab includes an easy-to-use, intuitive interface atop a versatile database engine. Data packages for more than a dozen different role-playing games from a wide range of publishers are already available. Users can add their own custom content to existing games or even create data files for entirely new game systems. The combination of powerful, user-friendly software and the diverse RPGs it supports make Hero Lab one of the most successful character management tools ever released.

”We’re very excited to add Shadowrun to the list of games Hero Lab supports”, said Rob Bowes, President of Lone Wolf Development. “Catalyst recognizes that digital tools like Hero Lab are critical to the success of the gaming industry in the 21st century. By lowering the barrier of entry, Hero Lab makes it easier than ever for RPGs to attract new players, and for existing players to maximize their gaming experience.”

Look to www.wolflair.com and www.catalystgamelabs.com for future announcements concerning this exciting development!

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