Catalyst Game Labs DragonCon 2010 Wrap-Up

DragonCon always marks the effective end of the big conventions season (yes, we may have someone at the Essen Game Fair in Germany, but we don’t have the big booth, product, running events, and so on that makes the season hard, hard work). As such it’s a little bittersweet…a huge sigh of relief we made it through another season…and a sadness that almost another year will have to pass before we have the pleasure and excitement of interacting with our communities on such a personal level.

This year’s DragonCon was our best yet, running Shadowrun and BattleTech events, as well as our best booth presence, with the latest products ready for the hungry gamer.

This year we also had the joy of running across a crack Shadowrun team. Their costumes were great and it was a pleasure to meet them…we hope to see them (and more like them) next year!

DragonCon 2010 Shadowrun Team.jpg

Street sammie, Troll mage, rigger, The Face, gunslinger, a goul (with arm in backpack for snacking), and of course, Mr. Johnson.

Catalyst Game Labs also had the honor of hosting a signing for Star Challengers: Moonbase Crisis. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to June, Rebecca and Kevin for giving of their time.

DragonCon 2010 Star Challengers Signing.jpg

June Scobee Rodgers, Rebecca Moesta, and Kevin J. Anderson.

If you weren’t able to catch Catalyst at any of the big conventions, we’ll be rolling out the big guns (and swords) next year, as usual, as the summer season opens up again. Hope to see ya there!