Catalyst Game Labs Online Ordering Update

After researching the recent BattleShop ordering troubles to the best of our ability, we determined and have verified through PayPal that our ongoing difficulties accepting PayPal orders is a result of updates by PayPal to their website. These updates affected a number of vendors, including Catalyst Game Labs, and have caused various PayPal orders over the last several weeks and/or months to be returned to our website without confirmation of purchase. This resulted in PayPal charging the person’s account or card, but usually leaving the item(s) in their BattleShop Cart.

PayPal is continuing to work toward eliminating this bug in their system. However, yesterday PayPal released to us enough details about the problem to allow us to attempt a solution from our side. As of 11/10/10 it would appear that PayPal functionality has been fully restored to the BattleShop!

If you have any ongoing concern with using PayPal, orders placed on our online store can also be paid directly with a credit card using our secure merchant service option. You can also contact our customer service staff ( to check on any order placed. Our average response time, currently, is around 48 hours. If you have not been contacted with a response to any inquiry within 96 hours, please re-contact and check on the status of your situation.

Thank you for your patience and continued support during this time!