Catalyst Game Labs At Norwescon 34

Catalyst Game Labs’ Managing Developer, Randall Bills, will be on the following panels at Norwescon 34, April 21st-23rd, SeaTac, WA.

    Thursday 4pm, Cascade 9: Gaming File 13
    The best ideas you haven’t been able to use. Maybe it was an adventure idea, a crazy new rule-system, a race design, a scenario, item, NPC, spell, or whatever. It never fit or wasn’t asked for, but it was just too cool or too stuck in the mind to forget. Come hear from our gaming professionals what hit the cutting room floor.

    Eric Cagle, Dustin J Gross, Randall N. Bills

    Friday 4pm, Cascade 9: Getting Your Game Made
    So, you have a great board game idea. You may even have a prototype, and have been playtesting it with friends. Or maybe you haven’t. Join us to hear from people in the industry how to design your own board game (so that it can actually be made), and what you need to do to get your board game published.

    Mike Selinker, Jeremy Holcomb, Randall N. Bills

    Saturday 10am, Cascade 4: Freelancing 101
    One of the best, sure-fire ways of writing for the gaming industry is by doing freelance work. Great! But how does one do that? What are the benefits and drawbacks to freelancing? Our panel of freelancers and the people who hire them, will share their stories and give advice on how to be a successful freelancer for the gaming industry.

    Jeff Combos, Liz Courts, Randall N. Bills, Jeff Grubb

Randall will also be running Leviathans demos in their gaming area (click here for a schedule of demo times).

Hope to see you there!