Check Out All The Catalyst Action At Origins 2012

Catalyst Game Labs is dropping into Origins this week with all the action you can take! As we previously noted, we’re running a full slate of events to feed your hunger for fun, regardless of your game of choice.

BattleTech Era Report: 2750 and Shadowrun Hazard Pay sourcebooks will be brand new at the show. You can also snag your gaming accessories of new BattleTech and Shadowrun T-shirts, dice (including ten different BattleTech factions!), patches (including a new Doc Wagon patch!), and more.

Additionally, we’ve just verified through tracking numbers that several dozen advanced copies each of Balance of Power and Leviathans Core Box Set will be on sale at the show!

As with Gen Con 2011, according to those same tracking numbers, we’ll also have Leviathans miniatures to give away, so stop by, play a Leviathans demo, and walk away with a free ship!

While we don’t have Street Dates yet for either of those games (we wait to announce such dates once the full shipment is in our warehouse), the full print runs are starting to move toward the warehouse. As soon as we have further updates, you’ll know!

So dive into a game of your choice, or play a demo, or grab your latest poison…we hope to give you the best Origins experience we can…see ya there!

Catalyst Game Labs