Catalyst Announces The Duke Kickstarter!

The Duke is a dynamic, tile-based strategy game with an old-world, feudal theme. It features high-quality wooden playing pieces and an innovative mechanic. The game takes moments to learn but hours of play to master. Levy your troops and maneuver them about the game board. If you end your movement in a square occupied by an opponent’s tile, you capture that tile. Capture your opponent’s Duke to win!

The innovative game-play feature of The Duke are its double-sided tiles. Each side represents a different posture–often considered to be defensive or offensive–and demonstrates exactly what the piece can do within the turn. At the end of a move (or use of a special ability) the tile is flipped to its other side, displaying a new offensive or defensive posture.

Each posture conveys different options for maneuver and attack. The full circle is a standard Move, the hollow circle the Jump, the arrow provides for the Slide, the star a special Strike ability and so on. Each turn a player may select any tile to maneuver, attempting to defend his own troops while positioning himself to capture his opponent’s Duke.

Player’s start the game by placing their Duke in one of the two middle squares on their side of the gameboard. Two Footman are then placed next to the Duke.

Each turn a player may choose to either move a single tile, or randomly draw a new tile from the bag.

With twelve different Troop Tiles, all double-sided, and sixteen total pieces for each player, the variety of game play is limitless.

Every time you play The Duke you’ll find it a different game, with new challenges requiring unique strategies.

Beyond the endless variety of the basic game, Terrain Tiles introduce a variety of game play options, altering the gameboard. These rules also include several Alternate Objectives, such as the challenging Dark Rider game which pits five Pikeman against a lone Knight.

Catalyst Game Labs is committed to publishing this game no matter what. However, we’ve two large games releasing soon, one of which, Leviathans, is a massive, epic universe with numerous follow up products. With these production commitments, The Duke would not see game stores until 2013.

We believe this game is cool enough that it deserves to come out now, not wait till next year. We believe that once you’ve a chance to take a look at this fantastic game, you’ll agree.

What’s more, with the Kickstarter community at our side, we’ll be able to take a great game and make the entire package fantastic. We are looking at additional troop tiles and different gameboards, as well as different themes. In fact, one of our stretch goals will be to allow Kickstarters to choose a new theme for this game and guide our efforts in development.

It’s all up to you!

Want to know more about the game? Feel free to click on the “TableTop” link at the top of this page. There you’ll find The Duke‘s home page, where you can download a free copy of the game’s complete rules!

So what can you do?

Thanks for checking out The Duke, and remember…Levy, Maneuver, Conquer!