Thanks To Free RPG Day 2012 Participants!

2012 Free RPG Day Slider

June 16th, last Saturday, saw Free RPG 2012 unfold in hundreds of retail stores across the country.

Catalyst Game Labs would first like to thank Aldo Ghiozzi of Impressions for running such a fabulous program.

Thanks to all the other game manufactures that participated; I hear this was the best year yet for company participation.

A huge thanks to all of the retailers that joined in the fun…without you there wouldn’t be a hobby as we know it. If you had a great experience, please pass the news along so even more retailers join in next year.

And of course, a huge thanks to all those that showed up, ran a new game, tried out a new game, or just grabbed something to see what’s out there.

For thus unable to find a local retailer or who didn’t make it before the Catalyst Game Labs’ offerings were gone, the following links for free PDF downloads cover our quick-start rules for this year’s Free RPG Day 2012!


A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG

Cosmic Patrol

See you all next year!