Catalyst Game Labs And Shadowrun Online Kickstarter

Shadowrun has had a terrifically exciting year, and the excitement keeps right on rolling. Catalyst Game Labs led the charge on revitalizing the seminal dystopian cyperpunk world of Shadowrun with the launch of the 20th Anniversary Edition, the first ever full-color treatment for the tabletop RPG. Following that publication came other award nominated/winning books, such as Seattle 2072, Sixth World Almanac and the current 2012 ENnie nominated and Origins Award-winning Runner’s Toolkit, the best and easiest way yet to run the mean sprawl streets at your gaming table.

That resurgence of Shadowrun passion and excitement has exploded this year in more large-scale projects surrounding Shadowrun than there has been in over a decade. Earlier this year Jordan Weisman, the creator of Shadowrun, returned to his roots with the announcement of Shadowrun Returns, a computer game for mobile/PCs that taps the style of the critically acclaimed Shadowrun NES RPG from the early 90s. His new company, Harebrained Schemes, ran a wildly successful Kickstarter; Shadowrun Returns topped near two million dollars with fans from around the world, showing the continued strength and vitality of this much-loved universe.

Now the energy continues as Shadowrun Online, from Cliffhanger Productions, enters the area. While Shadowrun Returns is focused primarily on providing a great single-player adventure experience, Shadowrun Online—like the tabletop—is all about experiencing the awesome world and gritty atmosphere of Shadowrun together with friends.

Catalyst Game Labs is very excited to be apart of this endeavor, coordinating with Cliffhanger Productions on story elements and pooling writing talent. What’s more, that cooperation will lead to allowing players to directly affect the ongoing tabletop storyline through their game play of Shadowrun Online! “I think coordination between the different Shadowrun products is important,” said Jason Hardy, Shadowrun Line Developer for the tabletop RPG. “I’ve been really pleased at how open the different parties have been to pooling cool ideas and coming up with ways to interweave plot lines to make the playing experience as awesome as possible.”

As with Shadowrun Returns, Cliffhanger Productions is taking its game to the community to fund, launching an ambitious Kickstarter campaign. This ensures that Shadowrun Online remains completely under the creative control of Cliffhanger, while offering the fans many fantastic ways to participate like never before. “Our whole game concept has the fans at its heart,” said Jan Wagner, Managing Director of Cliffhanger Productions. “From our unique player driven plotline to connecting the community on the Shadowrun Universe website directly with the game, we want to bring games back where they belong: To the people who play them.”

Excited about a Shadowrun MMO? Check out the Kickstarter and how you can help make it happen!

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