Catalyst Game Labs Off To Gen Con

Unless you’ve been living in a cave on mars (which would be cool!!! say hi to Curiosity for us!), you know Gen Con is right around the corner.

Gen Con is the biggest gaming convention we attend in force and as such is an all-hands-on-deck endeavour, which means all employees are heading off to the Best Four Days In Gaming.

What does this mean for those not attending? It means that from August 12th till August 20th all personnel will be away from their normal communications (websites, emails, phones, you name it), including customer service.

As such, if you’re trying to contact anyone at Catalyst, please be patient during that time. Also, please note that while most personnel will be back home by August 21st, there’s the usual collapse into coma for a day or so after the three month sprint to Gen Con, then the terror of finally opening email and having several thousand messages dump into inboxes… The reality is it will be a week or more past the 20th before all messages might be read and responded to appropriately.

Thanks for your patience this time each year and see you on the flip side!

Catalyst Game Labs