Pax Prime Wrap Up

For the first year Catalyst Game Labs attended Pax Prime!

Last year we did some reconnoiter work to get a feel for the convention. We found out right away that while the major draw is all the latest and coolest computer games (not like some of us stood in line an hour and a half for 8 minutes of play or anything…), there’s a huge slice of people there that also attend to cram in as many tabletop games as they can in that 3-day weekend…we’ve all been there and done before.

It was a grand experiment in many ways, and with the learning curve mighty steep as we tried to manage last minute planning with only 2 weeks left after Gen Con, we mis-stepped a few times as this convention is really unlike any we normally attend (who knew that many computers would generate that much heat?!). Hopefully most of those mis-steps were hidden behind the curtains and for those that visited our room, we hope you had a great time playing our games.

Part of that grand experiment was teaming up with Piranha Games, Roadhouse Interactive and Infinite Game Publishing to to run a pile of their hotly-anticipated games: MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior Tactics. (Most of the Catalyst crew managed to keep their time in those seats to a minimum….)

It’s been a pleasure working with those game companies as they bring fresh, new and fantastic visions of what a player can experience electronically when enjoying the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe…particularly great to finally put faces to names…Chris, Chris, Alenka, Russ, Bryan, Kelly, and the rest…thanks!

It was also our pleasure to coordinate with Jordan Weisman and Harebrained Schemes so they could come to Pax Prime and talk all things Shadowrun Returns. As part of that learning curve, it was a great “D’oh! We should’ve known” moment in that we had to move them to a whole other room as we couldn’t possibly fit all the people into the Catalyst room that wanted to check out what’s coming on the electronic side for Shadowrun.

Catalyst Game Labs would like to thank Christian Kelley, who runs the TableTop area of Pax Prime, for being so helpful and for putting up with all our first year mistakes.

Additionally, we would be remise if we did not also thank the Enforcers. Many of us from Catalyst have attended fifty+ conventions through dozens of states and even multiple countries. And in all of those years, we’ve never run into convention staff so helpful, courtesy and just plain willing and excited to do what ever they can to make everyone’s experience at Pax enjoyable. Huge kudos to the blue shirts and Pax!

Again, a huge thanks to everyone that stopped by, talked with us or tried out one of our games. Especially that Duke game that ran to almost 1:30AM…you know who you are!!! Even after all these years, we love coming to shows and talking and playing games with our communities.

Finally, there’s a pile more photos on Catalyst Game Labs’ Facebook page, or if you’re a Google+ user, you can hit our page there.

It was an experiment that despite the lumps was well worth it and we’re excited to attend next year and take it to a whole new level!

Catalyst Team