Catalyst, Hyper Hippo Productions to develop Leviathans Online

The huge anticipation over online games in development for release in 2013 for the epic Shadowrun and BattleTech universes demonstrates that visually dynamic, story-driven realms wed fantastically with digital mediums.

With the release of the years-in-development tactical combat game, Leviathans, Catalyst Game Labs has embraced the creation of another, epic, fully-fleshed-out experience: a 1910 alternate history, steampunk setting where wet navies of the world have become air navies. A fantastically fun game of rolling dice and smashing ships, Leviathans has all of the visuals and depths required for a great online experience.

“From day one of working on this table top game, I learned my lessons from Shadowrun and BattleTech,” said Randall N. Bills, game designer of Leviathans and Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “I wanted stunning visuals meshed with a wonderfully immersive universe and a smart and fun game, where untold stories could unfold next to endless fun at the gaming table. All those aspects suit a video game perfectly. We had several companies approach us about an electronic game, but Lance Priebe of Hyper Hippo Productions brought an amazing pedigree of experience to the table. However, ultimately what I liked most about Lance and his team is that they truly love the Leviathans game and have been playing it at their studio daily. The same passion and enjoyment I have for the game I see unfolding on their table tops, as well as their desire to ensure that experience is faithfully conveyed within the online game. I’m crazy excited about what we’ll do together.”

Additionally, Hyper Hippo Productions is excited to embrace the Creative Commons aspect of Leviathans, as well as Randall’s enfolding of the community through years of thorough blog posts, interacting with players, and so on.

“I love board games, and I believe Leviathans is an excellent game that would provide new, exciting experiences on a digital platform. I look forward to working with Catalyst Game Labs and expanding the Leviathans universe,” said Lance Priebe, Chief Creative Development Officer at Hyper Hippo Productions.

In that mindset, Hyper Hippo Productions will launch a Kickstarter campaign on November 28th, providing the community with the great opportunity to dive into the immersive Leviathans’ online game and make it their own.

Look to and for all details on Leviathans Online: Monsters In The Sky coming to Kickstarter.

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About Hyper Hippo Productions
Originally founded as RocketSnail Games in 1999, Lance Priebe went on to create what is now known as Club Penguin! After selling Club Penguin to The Walt Disney Company in 2007, Lance decided to explore new ideas and recently partnered with Pascale Audette to launch a brand new studio. This partnership blends the perfect mix of creative, operational and business acumen, which is so important in the gaming world.

With the vision of one day becoming a world leading developer of digital toys, Hyper Hippo Productions is building a fantastic studio in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada that aims to radically change how the industry perceives games. At Hyper Hippo Productions the team firmly believes in making a difference in the world, therefore they maintain an unwavering dedication to game production that goes beyond entertainment and pure play. Hyper Hippo Productions is focused on building digital toys that create lasting memories for their community. Find Hyper Hippo online at