Board Game Geek Con 2012 Wrap-Up

Catalyst Game Labs attended Board Game Geek Con for the first time this year!

BoardGameGeekCon2012 Photo1

Small booth set-up for what we’re used to, but we talked with a lot of people about our games and gave away a ton of print & play copies of The Duke.

Of course, that’s the vibe for the whole show…a little bit of buying, a whole giant pile of gaming!

BoardGameGeekCon2012 Photo2

And where do they get all of their games to play? Some bring them of course, others are bought, but a huge chunk of them are from the Game Library.

BoardGameGeekCon2012 Photo3

Why is it blurry, you’re wondering? Because the game row was so long I think light was distorted! That’s 12 rolling cages you can see right there…and they’re double sided…and there was another half a dozen or so other cages as well. The single largest collection of table top games I’ve ever seen in one location…if Catalyst is ever stranded on an island, just leave us with a few of those cages!

BoardGameGeekCon2012 Photo4

Each evening, large-scale Leviathans games were run, with Randall playing against the Leviathans Online team of Lance and Ted. And of course, big thank you to the fabulous crew of Geek Chic for bringing their fantastic tables for us to play on!

All around, a great show. Thanks to all those that stopped by and talked with us…hope to see you next week!

Catalyst Team