The Shadowrun Introductory Box Set Is Coming

Shadowrun 5 Logo with Text

Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce a superb addition to the phenomenal Year of Shadowrun line up: an Introductory Box Set, coming Spring 2013.

“In a year when we’re already breaking so much ground, it’s great to continue that with a box set that’ll make it easy to introduce a whole new generation of players to Shadowrun,” said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “We learned a lot about creating a great “introductory” box set during the creation of the award-winning BattleTech 25th Anniversary Box Set. Taking that expertise and folding it into the creation of a fantastic box set to compliment Shadowrun Fifth Edition was simply a must.”

To learn more specifics concerning this box set, check out the blog post: Putting More People on the Streets: Shadowrun Introductory Box Set.