Catalyst Game Labs Pax East Wrap Up

Last weekend Catalyst Game Labs attended Pax East for the first time. We’d heard great things about the convention, especially the volume of TableTop gamers. And we were not disappointed in the slightest.

Let’s dive into a host of photos we took (apologies up front for the some times dark or slightly blurry photos…didn’t realize the camera was dying until after the fact):


We’ve been to a lot of conventions and a lot of big conventions…but the scale of this building reminded us of watching the Mythbuster’s “Seven Fold” episode where they went to one of the airship hangars at Moffett Field….big. Here’s half of the TableTop portion of the convention center before a thing had begun.


And here’s roughly the same area (taken from a different height) after the convention services finished their full set up.


On the other side of the wall from the TableTop area you can see the start of the massive PC area (the wall to the right is the separator to TableTop, while the wall to the far left leads into the electronic trade show area (the stars of this show without a doubt).


And here’s a front shot looking at the electronics trade show area. The wall you can see way off in the distance is the wall you saw to the far left of the PC area. And the hall extended more than three twice the width of what my capture could capture, from left to right. We did say big, right?


On the other side of the PC area, was one of two large line quing areas…off in the background is the back of the electronics trade show area during setup.


On the left side, out of frame, from the first two photos, the TableTop area continues and is where the lion’s share of TableTop exhibitors set up…being our first year, we showed up and were setting up very early to make sure we got everything done.


Friday minutes from opening, we’re finalizing details in the booth…you know, like setting up games to play.


Flipping 120 degrees (or so) from the previous photo, a shot from the edge of the Catalyst booth towards the massive que lines. The small, nearest line was for the TableTop area, the far mass of people were qued for the electronic trade show area; the entire que line was fully twice the size of what I could capture with my camera.


Demos in full swing, the BattleTech/Leviathans table was almost always packed…we had to keep adding chairs.


The Duke, along with the edge of Linear (the tablet was used to show off the Linear app currently available). Also, though there wasn’t a game running when I was snapping photos, in the background you can see Shadowrun: Crossfire set up for play; our coming deckbuilding game went through a lot of excited players.


We were extremely pleased with how many demos of Balance of Power we ran, and how many people walked away with a copy under their arm. Pitching it as “Risk for Chess players, with a hint of Diplomacy” had people sitting down almost every time.


And of course we were running games of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition and handing out cool posters!

While it’s a little shaky, ultimately I simply felt there was no way to convey the size of the TableTop area without generating a short movie…the some what empty tables at the bottom of the video are all Magic: The Gathering tournament tables, which just happen to be taking a break…they were mostly full the whole weekend.

In other words…at a convention whose focus is primarily electronics, to see this level of TableTop gaming going on for 12+ hours a day…simply fantastic all around.

Thanks to Christian and his team of Enforcers…can’t rave enough about how brilliant they are at helping out, being calm and simply bringing a great vibe to the show.

Huge thanks to our demo agents who often go above and beyond the call of duty to help set up, tear down and of course, run a huge load of games for us…thanks!

For everyone that stopped by, talked with us or played a game…thank you so much…was a pleasure. We hope to see you again next year!

Catalyst Team