Shadowrun Fifth Edition Sets Online Sales Records

Never, ever underestimate Shadowrun fans…some of the best gamers in the world who will always step up and surprise you in fantastic ways!

Shadowrun, Fifth Edition PDF & Print Preorders went on sale today. In the 6 years of operation for Catalyst Game Labs—and the 12 years for DriveThruRPG—we’ve never seen anything like this. Catalyst broke our own “best selling” first day record in a little over two hours, while in less than 8 hours DriveThruRPG passed its all time first day record, both for revenue and for number of PDFs sold.

We are floored and humbled by the brilliant Shadowrun community. Your enthusiasm and love for this great universe knows no bounds.

Thank you so much for embracing Fifth Edition with such passion…we join you in looking forward to years of action together on the mean sprawl streets of the Sixth World.

Catalyst Team