Catalyst Game Labs At Pax East

Once again Catalyst Game Labs will be attending Pax East; you can find us at Table Top #C309.


Excited by the fantastic Shadowrun Returns or the Shadowrun Online Early Access and want to see what the TableTop game is all about? Or are you a returning Shadowrun player from a previous edition and are eager to check out the changes? Or just want to play in a convention setting? We’ve got all your Shadowrun, Fifth Edition actions with a game running all day, every day.


Been hearing about the coming Shadowrun: Crossfire cooperative deck building game and are intrigued? Or did you just come across the announcement that it’s at print and are excited by what you’ve seen so far? Come by the booth and dive into the action of the card game yourself.


BattleTech: Alpha Strike is a fun, quick way to play giant robots storming across alien worlds. Designed for the modern wargamer, it condenses an evening of gaming into an hour or less. We’ll have copies of the improved reprint of the BattleTech Introductory Box Set for sale, but we’ll also be demoing Alpha Strike the whole weekend to show off the speed and fun this action can play out on your tabletop.


We’ll also be demoing The Duke (might have some play test tiles to try out for future expansions); we’ll have flyers for the coming Valiant Universe RPG (we might even be running a game or two); and we might have play test copies of several other games on hand we’re developing, such as our Bravest Warriors card game and Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover, a Sixth World board game.


So stop on by Table Top #C309 to grab a book or game, play a demo or just ask questions and peruse. Happy to make your experience at Pax East all the more enjoyable. See ya there!

Catalyst Team