New CatalystStore Launches!

Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce the soft launch of its new Catalyst Store! Built from the ground up on a modern platform, we’re confident you’ll find a completely new and improved experience. We’ve focused on the following core elements as part of the new site:

  • Searching for products easily with auto-suggestion
  • Browsing & filtering by different criteria
  • Better Check-out process & upcoming functionality for user accounts (still being developed, but unified forum identity/login with shop account, for example)
  • Ability to always come back and download your stuff in the future (still getting all the order history in though, so hang in there)
  • New platform for better management of subscriptions and new products coming in the future

As a thank you to all those who have enjoyed Catalyst Game Labs’ games over the years, for the next week all products on the site are 30% off.

If during your experience you find any issues, please send those to so we can resolve them.

Since we launched earlier today, we’ve already received a slew of input. Thank you so much for checking out our new store today and providing all the feedback that you’ve sent in already. It’s helping us make improvements and fix things that didn’t make the transfer over from the BattleCorps site as cleanly as we would have liked, and it’s going to help the site continue to improve.

There have been a stream of comments all resonating a few particular concerns that we realize we didn’t give sufficient forewarning on that we wanted to address globally for everyone, even as we work to address the individual concerns and details of each case:

New Passwords:

You will need a new password for the new site, but you can and should use the same email you used previously to get all of your order history with minimum hassle. Don’t worry, we WILL get all your prior downloadable goodies linked back up to your account, even if it may take a bit of time to do!

Because of how passwords are encrypted on the accounts, we couldn’t bring those over to the new platform with your other account data—an inconvenience required in keeping your account passwords secure. Therefore you will need to create a new password for your account (or just re-create the password you had before…). When you (re)create your account it should link up to your order history. If you aren’t seeing some recent orders, don’t panic, we’re getting those synchronized and you should see them soon as we’re still bringing in orders from the last few weeks. We should have that synchronization complete before the end of the week, so if you’re still missing order history by next Monday, shoot an email to store@catalystgamelabs with the missing order info, and we’ll get it linked over to your account.

NOTE: Just using the “reset password” option won’t work with your existing account. You have to create a new one (or re-create your old one) with your existing email address. We know this seems silly, but it’s technology… and sometimes you have to humor the computers.

Also, if you’ve created a new account on the new site with a different email address than you used previously, please email us so we can get all the account details squared away so you maintain access to all your files with the email you want going forward.

For some products the Downloadable link wasn’t available yet. Those will be delivered soon.

In the import process there were some product listings that didn’t stay paired with their original file assets that they belong to, so they’re being matched up as quickly as possible. These download links will be made available in your accounts and MOST of these should be sent out via email in the next 24-48 hours as we get everything paired up.

If we haven’t gotten your PDF paired by Monday, let us know by email and we’ll get it sorted as quick as we can.

Some products are out of stock. When will they be in stock?

Some items are currently out of stock and/or have changed during reprints. For example, the original hardback Shadowrun: Street Grimoire is no longer available; the reprint of the Street Grimoire is a soft back. Similarly, the Shadowurn: Run Faster hardback is permanently out of stock; the reprint, which is just now getting underway, will also be a softcover reprint.

In the case of the BattleTech Introductory Box Set, the complexity of production and its overseas printing simply means it takes much longer to reprint and get back onto store shelves. We are currently investigating whether we’ll simply be reprinting the box as is, or whether we’re looking at a brand new box. Either way, you’ll see a BattleTech box on stores shelves next year!

Editing your customer profiles in Shopify/

For changing shipping addresses:
First, make sure you’ve created your “new” account with your email and verified it using the link the store sends you in your email. From there you can edit your addresses that it has on file, deleting extra old ones and keeping the relevant ones up to date.

To change contact information/email address:
Send an email to, and we’ll manually update your profile for you. We’re implementing the ability for you to manage your contact details such as name and email address going forward, but it’s not ready for prime-time yet.

Problems with the old site and order system, unfulfilled orders, etc…

We’re logging all these comments together to make sure we make good on those orders as part of making this transition to a new site; so when you email us about an unfulfilled order, please be specific as to order number and your email address you used on the BattleCorps site when you placed it so we can match up your email and the orders from the old eCommerce system as easily as possible.

We will get to each and every one of your emails and reply individually, but it’s going to take some time.

As many of you know, we each wear several hats here at Catalyst Game Labs; and there are only a few of us and a lot of you! That said, with the new site we’ve implemented a new ticket system internally so we can get back to everyone who emails and make sure things don’t fall through the cracks. If you’ve previously had a concern about an order that went unanswered or unresolved, please re-direct it here so it goes into our handy-dandy ticket system for tracking and follow-up going forward.

Thank you for the kind words and compliments!

We’ve already heard some great feedback and gotten a lot of positive comments about the new site heading in the right direction. Thank you! It’s been a great reminder as to how great a community of gamers you all are, and we look forward to offering more great products and ever better service in the months and years to come. Keep the feedback coming on what works for you and what could be improved, and be sure to stay tuned as we continue to improve the site and work on re-launches for several of our other properties as well… we’ve got some good stuff ahead!
Best Holiday wishes,

—The Catalyst Game Labs Team