Catalyst Game Labs Statement on Social Justice

With the recent failure of GAMA to properly address this issue, we at Catalyst Game Labs are reminded that we need to look up from the game board now and then to pay attention to real world situations. Like the controversy that is sweeping our country.

Catalyst routinely avoids political discussions due to the fact that we manage two properties belonging to another company and our license precludes us from conflating business with personal messages. The owners of Catalyst Game Labs, however, would like to make their own views perfectly clear.

We believe everyone has the right to walk the streets without fear of injury or death.

We believe everyone has the right to peacefully assemble in protest.

We believe Black Lives Matter.

Some people may want to take this as a repudiation of law enforcement. Please don’t. This company was founded by a veteran of the armed services, and we have family and friends still serving in uniform and in law enforcement in a conscientious manner for the public trust. However, recent events have proven that there can and should be greater accountability. That reform is a good thing, and that everyone has a duty to intervene.

Racism has no place in this industry or in this country.

And the owners of Catalyst Game Labs hope this is the beginning of serious reform, and it brings peace to the many families touched by this issue.