Loren L. Coleman
Director of Theoretical Gaming Sciences 

I’ve been a novelist, game designer, and all-around literary hatchet-man for over fourteen years. Regularly published since about 1995, my first BattleTech novel, Double-Blind, hit the bookstores in 1997. In the last ten years I’ve published over twenty novels, including nine for BattleTech and a trilogy to help re-launch the world of Conan. Counting up all short stories and game-related sourcebooks, I have well over two million words in print—most of them involving a media tie-in project of one type or another. Most recently I’ve edited two DAW Books anthologies as well as a six-series set of Young Adult work for Adventure Boys, Inc. 

I am also one of the primary founders of InMediaRes Productions, LLC, which launched the successful internet publishing venture,, and is now developing Catalyst Game Labs. With a great deal of hard work, Catalyst will soon be known for creativity and high professional standards—a company in which everyone involved stands proudly behind every single product. 

To accomplish this, I’ll be staying out of the way of a lot of very smart, very hardworking people. And in the meantime, I will contribute what I can as editor-in-chief, creative consultant, and staff writer. I enjoy a creative environment where people challenge me, though in the end (as many writers already know) I have very strong opinions which will continue to evolve as I do my part to help guide the universe(s) forward. 

Reaching me can be difficult, as I tend to keep myself “slightly” overburdened. Refer to our Submission Process Guidelines for the best way to submit fiction and other works to BattleCorps, and to the relevant web pages for how to submit material for our game lines. For general business, please use and they can get the message to me. 



I can be reached at 



My goals are to continue the quality established by Total Warfare and TechManual, not only in fleshing out the rules and such, but also to ensure that the universe never gets too stale and peaceful for us. Since the line began back in 1984, BattleTech has always been (in my none-too-humble opinion, anyway) far more than a simple “beer-and-pretzels” game; it’s been a universe, filled with characters, intrigue, and lots of heavily armed, stomping hulks heavy metal. I continue to believe—as my progenitors in this gig before me did—that for both long-time players and newcomers alike, the story and the game should both be top-notch. Praise for that, of course, will always go to the creative team behind the universe—at all levels, from the most discreet playtesters to the contributing authors and artists that make the whole thing up (and, of course, the folks at WizKids and Catalyst who let us put it on the shelves!) Only together do we keep this entire universe alive and wonderfully messy. 

As a developer, my job’s pretty much to oversee every book from start to finish. This includes making the outlines, soliciting and assigning the authors, requesting art where needed (an area I rely heavily on the input of my mentor, Randall Bills), assuring a nice flow of continuity and aesthetics, and all that fun stuff. I’ll even write on occasion, and do a “pre-edit” pass of material (part of that continuity and aesthetic flow thing) to best ensure that the material fits the universe as best as it can. (Once more, these tasks come with the heavy aid of a team, but in the end, I suppose you could say the developer is the guy most responsible for the finished product’s quality, and not be too far off the mark.) As a consequence of my past role as assistant dev, I’m also largely responsible for maintaining continuity both into the universe’s history and into its Dark Age “future history”, while establishing the baseline for the overall story arc that runs in between. 

I can be reached at (or by politely-worded queries to HABEAS2 on 

Questions I can help with: 

    – Upcoming BattleTech Products and their contents
    – Universe and Rules Related Question
    – The appropriate use of nuclear weapons in any situation

Jason Hardy
Shadowrun Line Developer and super spy

According to the various bios I’ve written about myself over the years, I have: won the Nobel Peace Prize, choreographed a Shadowrun musical, and been renowned for my prowess in the art of seduction. So clearly I can only be trusted so far when I’m doing this sort of thing.

Here’s what’s verifiable: I got my game-writing start with two Crimson Skies novels that never came out in English, did some d20 stuff, finagled some miscellaneous Shadowrun credits, then wrote the MechWarrior: Dark Age novel _The Scorpion Jar_. That led to many things, including two more MWDA novels and the Shadwrun novel _Drops of Corruption_. I’ve also written a number of stories for BattleCorps and some other stories here and there, plus I was nominated for an ENnie for an April Fool’s joke, a fact that I might have engraved on my tombstone.

I’m completely excited to be immersed in the Shadowrun setting and to have a chance to do all sorts of things that will excite, amuse, and most likely occasionally enrage the incredibly faithful players that have kept the flame of Shadowrun burning. It’s going to be fun (and stressful and maddening, but that’s okay), and I hope I can help a lot of other people have fun too.

If not, I always have my top-secret monastery/elite martial-arts training dojo in the Himalayas to retire to.

I can be reached at


Matt Heerdt
Graphic Design, Production, Layout Machine

I’ve been a gamer my whole life, but only got into the biz in 2007 as a freelancer with CGL and then as a full-timer in July 2009. I handle many layout and design duties for CGL products across the board, from BattleTech and Shadowrun to Leviathans and casual games, plus many other projects between.

My goals are simple: Make the best games humanly possible and help Catalyst take over the world, one gamer at a time. I’m also hoping that a freak lab accident will give me super powers.

I can be reached at

Ray Arrastia
Production, Graphics, Artist, CamoSpecs Online Coordinator and other things…

I’ve been a gamer since grade school. I was introduced to gaming (beyond casual games) by my local comic shop owner and have been hooked every since. I’ve been working as a graphic designer for nearly twenty years and—barring animation—the work I’ve done has run the gamut; from working in a T-shirt sweatshop to being part of a marketing team servicing multi-billion dollar, international clientele, I’ve been involved in nearly every aspect of media.

I got into the gaming and hobby industry slowly, about 10 years ago. I was simply driven by the desire to “help out” in areas of my hobby where I thought I could make a difference, and things have snowballed from there. My goals here have always been to apply my skills and time where I can, so that we can produce the best quality product possible—and to never stop learning and having fun while doing so.

I can be reached at

Michael J. Miller
Demo Team and Convention Support Manager / Agent Coordinator

First and foremost, I’ve been a gamer most of my life. I have been a volunteer for several gaming companies most of my adult life after college. I truly believe having a good core of volunteers is important to supporting the games we run. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best volunteers in the world. (Yes that means YOU guys, the Agents).

After performing my duties as the volunteer Coordinator for almost two years, I was given the opportunity to continue on as an employee of Catalyst Game Labs. Being a volunteer most of my adult life, I was not sure what this new opportunity would bring. I do know I am looking forward to the challenges coming.

My goal is simple: To have the best Demo Team out there supporting the best games out there. I really wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the Agents, I’m proud to be associated with them.

I can be reached at

Questions I can help with:
How do I become a Demo Team Agent?
Can I get prize support for “X” convention?
How can I get one of Catalyst Game Labs’ games run in my venue?

Questions I can not help you with:
What is the meaning of life?
Who is Devlin Stone?
Why is there a 2 hex minimum range on a Gauss Rifle?

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