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Last updated: September 1, 2010

Is Catalyst Game Labs looking for freelance artists?

Always. Most of the work we commission is black-and-white interior art; we tend to only use color art for covers. If you are interested in freelance work, send your contact info and a link to your web gallery to artwork@catalystgamelabs.com. We are quite busy, so please do not expect a response. We will keep your gallery link on file and take a look the next time we are hunting for new artists. If we like your stuff, we’ll contact you.

Is Catalyst Game Labs hiring?

Not currently, no. You are welcome to send in resumes to resumes@catalystgamelabs.com, but please don’t expect a response. If we’re looking for someone, we’ll contact you.

How many people work for Catalyst Game Labs?

We maintain a small full-time staff that includes Developers, Production, and Operations specialists. Most of the creative folks who work for us are freelance.

What happened to FASA?

After 25 years of successful operation in a struggling game industry, the owners of FASA decided to quit while they were ahead, close up shop and move on to other things. Most of FASA’s staff was let go in January 2001, and they have either moved on to WizKids, Catalyst Game Labs, freelancing, or jobs outside the game industry. Most of the intellectual properties for FASA’s game lines were sold to WizKids, Inc.

What happened to the other games FASA published?

Microsoft owns the Crimson Skies properties. There is nothing currently in the works for either VOR: The Maelstrom or Crucible. FASA still owns the Earthdawn RPG, though it has been licensed out to both Living Room Games and RedBrick.

Is it true that D20 gives you cancer?

Leading healthy game researchers seem to think so. Luckily, all Catalyst Game Labs products are cancer-free!