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Leviathans simulates combat between warships that have taken to the air in an alternate history 1910. The king leviathans, the battleships, are the largest vessels. Maneuvering in support are the smaller ships of light cruisers, destroyers, and others ships. Will you captain your fleet for king and country, expanding your nation’s power and becoming legend? Or will you fall from the sky, forgotten?

You will determine the outcome!

Getting Started

Are you new to Leviathans and wondering where to start? Leviathans has a website dedicated to all aspects of the experience that easily immerses players into the universe, including forums.

Dive right in with the Downloads page, and grab the universe Introduction and the Lieutenant’s Manual: The Quick-Start Rules PDFs for free and dive into the experience!

Leviathans Contact Information

Leviathans Line Developer: Randall N. Bills

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