Catalyst Game Labs produces fiction in a variety of ways


The cornerstone of Catalyst’s publishingprogram, allowing for instant worldwidedistribution. Ebooks also allow us toproduce alternate fiction packages,including marketing individual shortstories, anthologies, magazines, andomnibus volumes that can attract newfans to an IP at a low introductory cost.


Physical books still remain very popularfor many readers. Our primary tradepaperback line gives readers a truebook experience with professionalinterior layout and attractive, full-wrapcolor covers that showcase each IPto its fullest potential. We are alsoexpanding into hardback and collector’sedition leatherbound covers, to reacheveryone from the casual fan to thediehard collector.


Audiobooks are the fastest-expandingmedia venue for fiction, and Catalyst isat the forefront of this market. Currentlyproducing single-narrator audiobooksusing professional voiceover artists,we’ve seen phenomenal sales growthin the audio editions of our two IPlines, to the point where audio is asinstrumental as print in both marketingand expanding our IPs.

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