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Last year, Catalyst Game Labs partnered with The Army Painter to release the BattleTech Starter Set. It was an instant success, harnessing the cutting-edge Speedpaints to allow players to paint their ’Mechs easier than ever before. 

This year, we’re incredibly excited to expand that partnership, crafting a Mercenaries set designed for the hobbyist, utilizing The Army Painter’s new Warpaints Fanatic line and the improved Speedpaint 2.0.

“The first set we released last year was about matching our out-of-the-box play style for BattleTech, enabling anyone to dive in and find the joy in painting,” said Randall N. Bills, Creative Director for Catalyst Game Labs. “But on the other end are myriad hobbyists who take painting to a whole other level of excellence and quality. When The Army Painter introduced us to the Fanatic paints, we knew right away we had to partner again.”

Easy enough to use for a beginner, fast enough for a gamer, yet capable enough for the best painters in the world—Warpaints Fanatic is the new gold standard for miniature paints! Warpaints Fanatic is a high-performance acrylic paint featuring an insanely pigment-dense formulation set in a premium resin base with proprietary stabilizers to ensure smooth, easy application. Each paint is individually tuned for unparalleled coverage -and consistent brush feel. With unsurpassed quality and performance, Warpaints Fanatic is designed to perform at every stage of your hobby journey. 

Stay tuned to for more information on when the BattleTech Starter Set will be available.

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The Army Painter

Since 2007, The Army Painter has grown from a two-person startup with one product to a complete hobby company with nearly 80 employees in a new state-of-the-art production facility in Skanderborg, Denmark. A far cry from filling Quickshade tins from a tiny red barn in the founder's backyard. The Army Painter Colour Lab has gone on to develop several key products and ranges such as the innovative Speedpaints, often replicated Colour Primer Sprays, their easy-to-use Warpaints Air range, and their game-changing Warpaints Fanatic colours along with their affordable range of brushes, tools, and other hobby accessories. Every product from The Army Painter is designed to help new and experienced gamers bring their gaming miniatures to life while making painting them fun, simple, and fast! From the first clip off the sprue to the final layer of paint–and everything in between. Find The Army Painter online at