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We design BattleTech products to be playable right out of the box–but the most immersive BattleTech experience comes when ranks of miniatures painted in the colors of your favorite factions clash on the tabletop. We’re pleased to announce a new paint set that will help painters develop their skills and bring new life to their miniatures.

Catalyst Game Labs and The Army Painter have partnered to create the BattleTech Starter Set, harnessing the cutting edge Speed Paints to make it easier than ever to paint your ’Mechs. It’s a perfect companion to the fully assembled, out-of-the-box play that Catalyst’s BattleTech miniatures provide.

“I’ve wanted to see an official paint starter set for BattleTech for a long time,” said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “After looking at the market, it was hard not to think that The Army Painter’s Speed Paints were a perfect match for BattleTech. It was a fun experience for our team to paint up a pile of UrbanMechs to see how Speed Paints work, and then to help select the colors for this first starter set. We hope this is just the beginning of a long relationship.”

The Army Painter was founded to help gamers of all types have more fun playing, by painting their miniatures using high-quality products that are affordably priced and perfect for the job. Army Painter products are designed to make painting fun, easy, and fast.

“At The Army Painter we are highly excited about this project,” said Bo M Penstoft, Founder of The Army Painter. “BattleTech has been around for ages–and I remember playing it when I was a young man (a different Millennium)–so having worked out the perfect colors for this fantastic range is a real hobby achievement for me personally. I trust hobbyists all over the world will rejoice at this set.”

Stay tuned to for more information on when the BattleTech Starter Set will be available.

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