Catalyst Game Labs Welcomes Events Manager

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April 4, 2024

Catalyst Game Labs would like to welcome Michael Ciaravella as CGL's new Events Manager and Catalyst Demo Team Coordinator.

A twenty-year veteran of both the Gaming and Hotel Hospitality/Event Coordination fields, Michael is well known to the Catalyst community, having worked with CGL for several years as their Hotel Lodging Coordinator, Live Streaming Host/Interviewer, and Minister without Portfolio for several major CGL events and projects. Michael is perhaps best known to the BattleTech community as a novelist, having written both novels of the Highlander Covenant Duology, 'Grey Watch Protocol' and 'Paid in Blood,' as well as 'The Damocles Sanction.' Michael's newest novel, 'Trial of Birthright' is scheduled to release in August 2024, with additional novels for the BattleTech, Shadowrun, and Leviathans lines coming thereafter.

In his new role, Michael will be working to continue to develop the Catalyst EventsProgram, which includes both convention and FLGS support throughout the world, providing in-person demonstrations, tournaments, and special events to support each of the major intellectual property lines and the new Catalyst Board Game Division. As the former Organized Play Director and Line Developer for Clarion Game Studios, Michael's experience is well suited to provide a variety of new opportunities for CGL to continue enhancing its current Event offerings into new locations and markets.

As part of his new duties, Michael has also taken over coordination for the Catalyst Demo Team, where he has served as a Special Agent for the past nine years. In this new capacity, Michael will coordinate over a thousand CDT agents who specialize in promoting product awareness through in-store demonstrations, sponsor education on CGL product lines, and provide organized play support and opportunities at a constantly expanding variety of conventions and venues.

In his copious amounts of spare time, Michael is an avid gamer, award-winning actor and director for regional theater, and parent to an ever-growing menagerie of rescue animals.

If you see Michael at one of our many convention appearances, please come by to say hello and learn about the exciting new programs that are being developed to expand the Catalyst Events footprint. Michael can be reached at