Frostpunk Roleplaying Game from Catalyst Game Labs Coming to Kickstarter

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May 16, 2024

Catalyst Game Labs, in partnership with 11 bit studios, is thrilled to announce an upcoming roleplaying game based on 11 bit studios’ acclaimed Frostpunk society-survival game. Catalyst will open a crowdfunding campaign for the game on July 9.

Frostpunk is legendary for the challenges and dilemmas it throws at players, and the roleplaying game will bring that same spirit to the gaming table while expanding the options and parts of the world for players to explore.

“The Frostpunk computer game delivers tense decision-making and makes you think about your values, which are things I also love in roleplaying games,” said Jason Hardy, creative director of Catalyst’s roleplaying. “I’m excited to give players a new tabletop experience that immerses them in this great setting and presses them to decide what they are willing to do to ensure their city survives.”

The game will also premiere Catalyst’s Dice Core system, a medium-weight roleplaying system that is fast-moving, easy to learn, and provides mechanics to reward (or punish) players’ choices.

The roleplaying game will be set between Frostpunk and Frostpunk 2,giving players a chance to explore the period between the two games and see how the world evolved as the society moved from the initial desperation of the Great Frost to a period of changing threats, where the dangers from other people can be as severe as the threat of the cold. Between exploring the frostland, building Hope and fighting Discontent in a city, navigating the rise of Faith and Order, and dealing with the ever-present demand for resources,players can build engaging stories and test their mettle against the wilderness, their fellow survivors, and the ever-present cold.

“Thirty years have passed between Frostpunk 1 and 2, and a lot has happened during that time in the game world,” says Kuba Stokalski, the game’s co-director at 11 bit studios. “While survival is still very much not guaranteed, we can slowly start looking up and beyond. And as we do that, we slowly arrive at the conclusion that the Great Storm was just the beginning of a new chapter in humanity’s history. We hope that, while playing Frostpunk Roleplaying Game and traversing the frostland with your friends, you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions about humanity and survival.”

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