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November 7, 2022


The next exciting chapter of BattleTech history will launch March 23, 2023 at Adepticon in Schaumburg, IL!

In 2018, Catalyst Game Labs built upon the thirty-five-year legacy of BattleTech with the release of the A Game of Armored Combat and Beginner Box sets. Those boxed sets included re-imagined miniatures which retained the core of each ’Mech’s identity, updated with modern aesthetics. Upon that foundation, our Clan Invasion Kickstarter  unleashed nearly one hundred additional miniatures and finished among the top 100 Kickstarter campaigns ever. By the end of this year, more than four million high quality, affordable, ready-to-play plastic ’Mech miniatures will have hit gaming tables in just four years.

A Kodiak Rages

The next chapter of BattleTech’s titanic resurgence will be the  Mercenaries Kickstarter campaign. The new campaign will introduce more than 50 new designs, including ’Mechs, armored and support vehicles, a VTOL, additional battle armor, and a new aerospace fighter–all to the same high-quality standards and ready to play right out of the box.

We are beyond excited to officially announce that Catalyst Game Labs and Adepticon have partnered to launch the BattleTech: Mercenaries Kickstarter on March 23rd, 2023, 10 a.m. Central/11 a.m. Eastern–the first day of Adepticon. We’ll be livestreaming throughout the weekend, including the campaign’s launch, Q&A sessions, developer interviews, actual-play events, and more!

“I’ve been to hundreds of conventions all over the world, and AdeptiCon is a wonderfully unique experience,” said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “I’m an equal-opportunity gamer and enjoy playing nearly any type of game. But walking past endless tables of amazing terrain and fantastically painted miniatures is an incredible experience unto itself. If you love miniatures games, AdeptiCon is the place to be. And we couldn’t imagine a more perfect venue for launching our Mercenaries Kickstarter.”

AdeptiCon is the world’s premiere wargaming convention, running more than 650 tournaments, event games, and hobby seminars–along with hosting over 115 exhibitors–each year. AdeptiCon 2022 also saw the return of the prestigious Golden Demon painting award to North America, which will return in 2023. Catalyst's presence at the convention has continued to grow over the past few years, with Catalyst Demo Team events drawing experienced MechWarriors and new players alike to the battlefields of the Inner Sphere.

“For quite a few of us in this hobby, BattleTech provided our first foray into the world of table-top miniatures gaming,” reminisced Dave Pauwels, AdeptiCon Media Director. “The idea of replacing cardboard tokens with painted models of two-story high ’Mechs was a revolutionary one back in the day and a lot of us were hooked (one of the first miniatures I ever painted was a Demolisher). To see the game experience a sort of renaissance now, in 2022, is incredible and AdeptiCon loves being an event where you can find finely painted ’Mechs waging war over beautiful terrain tables. By partnering with Catalyst Games for the Kickstarter launch, AdeptiCon proudly plays its role in the continued success and popularity of one of our favorite games.”

Stay tuned to and for future news surrounding all the games and events you can experience with BattleTech–and Leviathans (–at Adepticon in 2023!

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